Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ecommerce After Getting A Domain

1. meta explanations have naff all to do with your positions, best to make sure they support your pos concept as they are not much use for anything else

2. in real life e-commerce websites have difficulties producing any useful content, most cant even be worried to create a unique information of item. what you can do here is execute some easy market research around your topic and add them to a weblog (hosted on making sure that the conditions targetted don't take away from your item categories i.e. do not need a red gadget classification and then weblog about red widgets!

3. theres more to optimising pictures than having alt published text and a computer file name. when ever possible have your picture enclosed by illustrative published text i.e. have something published before and after the computer file, this will help you with search engines picture search.

4. directory framework probably won't harm your websites search results, in fact, it could add perspective i.e. widgets/flexible/red.html when it comes to routing thing about common categories of items, this may be different to how you catalog items. In addition if a item needs to be related under several categories don't replicate them, instead have both classification results weblink to a centralised item web page.

5. great advice but keep in mind to weblink singluar and dual conditions and remember that its the first hyperlinks anchor-text on a web page thats going to carry the ‘weight’ so optimize for this, the rest can be anything.

6. running times is far too big a topic to add under a easy topic, things like caching, pressure, use of sprites, whitespace and buggy come back elimination can all help.

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